What our Consumers Say About Us

When it comes to providing medical services Community HealthNet Health Centers (CHN) is at the forefront of delivering quality, accessible and affordable healthcare. This is what our consumers say about us:

Consumer 1

Exceptional health care near home.

Consumer 2

Everyone is so friendly. Makes me feel welcome, not a patient but like a family.

Consumer 3

I like the care I receive and Dr. Richardson is the best doctor I have ever seen. He understands everything in detail that is wrong and I feel great.

Consumer 4

I like Dr. Simpson’s care for my son. I also like the friendly and helpful staff.

Consumer 5

Close to home, and always time convenient. My children and I have been going for years. Dr. Leah Staples is great with deliveries.

Consumer 6

Dr. Spotwood takes his time and explains things well to me. Nurses are very kind and understanding.

Consumer 7

The doctor (Borders).

Consumer 8

Clean and friendly.

Consumer 9

The quickness of being seen and the understanding of confidentiality.

Consumer 10

The staff is polite and professional.